another awesome passive income investment platform


* Having provided services since 2017
* Having a Digital Asset Trading Certificate from CSSF(Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier)


* 6.25% – 10% weekly ROI
* 5% Referral commission


* 52 weeks after deposit

even pumping and dumping,

always same-value equal to interest will be paid in btc

Investment plan

silver plan
$200 - $10,799
6.25% weekly

5% Referral bonus
3% Signup bonus

gold plan
$10,800 - $35,799
7.5% weekly

5% Referral bonus
3% Signup bonus

premium plan
$35,800 - 94,799
8.75% weekly

5% Referral bonus
3% Signup bonus

platinum plan
$94,799 -
10% weekly

5% Referral bonus
3% Signup bonus

ultimate plan


total deposit


total deposit



auto promotion

level 1

5% Referral Bonus Maximum of 150 investors – Get 9% of your Team value and get promoted to second level bonus

level 2

3% Referral Bonus/2nd level  Maximum of 500 investors – Get 11% of your Team value and get promoted to third level bonus

level 3

1% Referral Bonus/3rd level  Maximum of 2000 investors – Get 15% of your Team value and Franchise in your city


Q1: Is it a ponzi based program?
A1: No. Only real profits generated will be shared with investors.

Q2: Is BTC your deposit currency?
A2: No. Deposit currency is USD and BTC is only used to transact money smoothly. Appreciation or depreciation in the value of BTC after you have made the deposit will not effect your deposit in any way. Conversion rate at the time of deposit applies.

Q3: What happens if we make more than 6.25% profits in tier one or more then 10% profits in tier two?
A3: Extra profits will be used to pay referral commissions, announce incentives and pay the traders for their hard work.

cryptocurrency is just means to send deposits

all assets are managed in usd

How to register

* Click the right green button in order to visit the website

* Click [REGISTER] upper right

* Fill out registration form


how to invest

1. Send coins (which you want) to company’s wallet(s) listed below:
  * BTC: 13zhkz5FDbP2fMDtFP6X7GHwnABGqyhznK

2. Send an email to the Accounting Manager ( and; and copy to with the information as following:
  * Your username
  * Your investment amount (ex, the amount of Bitcoin you sent)
  * Your referee’s username and email address(!!IMPORTANCE: You require an invite from a referee, thus you should indicate correct information in order to accept you investment)
  * Your BTC wallet address; and
  * A copy of your payment receipt (i.e., payment proof)