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Arbistar2.0 S.L. had launched their services with a Personal Bot (1.0) in September 2018, and they relaunched Arbistar2.0 with a new product called Community Bot which use the Personal Bot software in March 2019.


Arbistar had lauched their services in September 2018, and they relauched Arbistar2.0 with a new product – Community Bot in March 2019.

Arbistar2.0 S.L. has been registered in Spain and has shown very transparent activities.


The ROI from the Community Bot is about 0.4x% – 1.x% daily; about 4% weekly. Upline can get commissions of 2% of profit from downlines.


Investors can request withdrawals of capitals after 60 days lock.

arbitraging is

Arbitrage is the activity of buying shares or currency in one financial market and selling it at a profit in another, that is, the simultaneous buying and selling the price difference between those markets. In a highly simplified example of how cryptocurrency arbitrage works, you would search for a specific coin that's cheaper on Exchange A than on Exchange B. You then buy on Exchange A, sell it for a higher price on Exchange B and pocket the difference making it risk free. All this is done all passively by this Arbistar bot/software.


Syncs to up to 13 Crypto-Exchanges to track opportunities by comparing bid and ask prices to seek profit from the spread.

When "the difference in price minus the fees" is positive, the bot recognizes and catch such opportunity. And then, it buys coins with LOW price, to sell them with HIGH price.

community bot

* No initial cost
* €300 - €50K
* 100% automatic (i.e, managed by company)
* Weekly payouts on Sat. - Sun.
* Withdraw capitals after 60 days lock
* Transparency shown with trades in real-time
* Estimated 0.4x% - 1.x% daily ROI

other bot

* Personal Bot Pro
* Pipster
* Pipster Plus * Trailer Bot
* ANN Bot
* Monster Bot
* Gold Buster

You can find these bots in backoffice>Products menu.

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Referral bonus

* Community Bot is commissioned at 2% on directs and indirects in weekly returns. 10 levels deep
* Other Bots are commissioned at 6% of total purchase on each level, 10 levels deep

Additional bonuses

* 10 levels unlock: a turnover of more than €30K in LEVEL 1
* 10K bonus: for every €100K of turnover including 25000 Euros, sales of other bots in LEVEL 1
* World bonus: a turnover of €1000K in total. This bonus will distribute 5% of the company's profits